“Our Product Enables Hedge Funds, Broker-Dealers, Trust Companies, and Institutional Investors To Self-Custody Cryptocurrencies Using Secure Cold Storage.”

… Are You A Potential Victim To These Top Security Risks?

The Base Zero Cold Storage Crypto Custody Solution for Funds & Institutions.

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Your assets will not be exposed to any person or third-party entity not expressly authorized by you. Stay in control with self-custody.
Air-Gapped Signing

Our air-gapped signing device eliminates the risk of network-borne attacks. With Base Zero, your keys never touch a networked device.
24/7 Real-Time Access

Enjoy the convenience of an online workflow combined with secure, offline cold storage.
Blockchain Enforced Multi-Signature

To prevent rogue actions by a single actor, all transactions must be signed by multiple signatories.

Want to integrate with other systems, or develop your own workflow? … We’ve got you covered.
Dear Manager :
• Perceived risk may be an obstacle to your Fund or Institution rolling out a Crypto service offering.
• Learn how our product combats the top security risks you may face, and in a feature comparison, how we are superior to our competitors.
• Discover why Base Zero is the leading enterprise cryptocurrency self-custody solution. Read in the Whitepaper how we implement the strongest security practices to eliminate risk.