Base Zero Crypto Custody Keeps Financial Institutions Safe From Theft, Fraud, And Accidental Loss Of Client Cryptocurrency Assets

Institutional crypto custody 2019

Base Zero releases integrated hardware and software cryptocurrency storage solution for exchanges, banks, brokerages, hedge funds, and OTC desks

BERKELEY, Calif., Feb. 26, 2019 — Multi-signature transaction authorization has become more secure and more convenient, thanks to Base Zero’s handheld signer devices. The devices work in combination with flexible security software that smoothly integrates with existing financial systems. Base Zero institutional crypto custody enables offline safekeeping of client crypto assets while maintaining 24/7 real-time asset access and transaction capability.

In 2018 over $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency was lost worldwide as a result of fraud or theft. That’s $600 million more than the total construction cost of the massive new Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco. Financial institutions have a need and responsibility to securely safeguard crypto assets from theft, disaster, death of key personnel, and other business continuity scenarios.

“The real threats are existential — like having to show up in court for bankruptcy proceedings five years later after your fund or exchange goes out of business due to catastrophic loss of client assets,” says CEO Matt Zimmerman.

“While Base Zero protects against hacking and embezzlement, we also help financial institutions meet compliance requirements, and earn the trust of their clients.”

Combining the most advanced technology with the simplest of the most easy-to-use interface, Base Zero allows institutions to safeguard and control client assets in-house — without relying on third parties. With 24/7 asset access, Base Zero provides convenience and high security — offering peace of mind to asset managers and their clients.

Financial Institutions can get started with as little as a letter of intent.

Zimmerman goes on to say, “Our engineers come to your location to set up your handheld devices and integrate with your systems. We do a custom integration for all of our clients.”

Interested parties should » Download the Base Zero product Datasheet and Security Whitepaper.

Base Zero is a cryptocurrency security company helping financial institutions to safely self-custody client crypto assets. The product is a web app combined with a set of handheld signer devices. The devices are custom hardware developed by Base Zero. The web app and the devices are use together to keep crypto assets secure. It’s priced as a monthly service. Base Zero engineers do a custom on-site integration for every client. The chief benefit of a Base Zero implementation is it allows totally secure cold storage of digital assets, while maintaining 24/7 real-time transaction capability.

Matt Zimmerman, CEO
Base Zero, Inc.


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